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90 Day Deferred

Seasonal and up to 90 day deferred payment options are available to meet your business needs. These structures help replenish cash flow and more closely match the monthly revenue and expense associated with the purchase.

90 Day Deferred Payment
First Payment in 90 Days

Get your equipment up and running and operate it for up to 90 days before making your first payment

Step-Up Lease
Lower Payments in the Begining

Start your lease with lower payments and increase the payments as your equipment earns more money for you.

Quarterly Payments
Flexible Lease Payment Due Dates

Do your customers pay you on net 30 – 60 day terms? ACG can match your lease payment due dates with your customer’s terms. How? Quarterly or Bi-annual payments on leases.

Seasonal Payment Program
Match Payments with Cash Flows

Do you operate a seasonal business? Our Seasonal Payment Program offers the flexibility of different payments that match your businesses projected cash flow.

Master Lease Lines of Credit
Continuing Lease Arrangement

Want an easier way to finance your equipment? Adding an equipment schedule to a “Master Lease” can be one of the easiest ways to finance more equipment throughout the year.

100% Financing Programs
Finance Soft Costs and Taxes

  • Finance equipment cost, along with installation, maintenance, taxes, shipping charges, and even software.
  • No down payment required; simply first and last payment.
  • More money to invest in revenue-generating activities.