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Benefits of Equipment Financing

Equipment leasing is increasing in popularity among small and medium size businesses due to its flexibility and advantages. With American Capital Group equipment leasing is not just about financing your equipment and making sure you maximize the benefits of leasing; it’s about building a relationship and truly understanding your business needs for the future

Conserve cash, working capital and bank lines

  • By leasing your equipment, you free up cash that can be used for other purposes including inventory, new hires, taxes, or other uses. Maintaining maximum liquidity means you can take advantage of opportunities that may come up in the future.
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Maintain your competitive edge

  • By leasing your equipment, you will be able to afford the latest in technology to maintain your competitive edge. We can structure your lease terms to allow upgrades and trade-up options to help your business grow.
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100% Tax Deductible and Section 179

  • Leasing your equipment may provide significant tax advantages under Section 179 vs. other types of equipment financing. Discuss these advantages with your tax adviser to determine which program works best for your business.
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Faster than a bank

  • Leasing can allow you to respond quickly to new opportunities with minimal documentation and red tape. We can pre-approve you within 24 hours and get you the equipment you need within a week.
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