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POS Equipment Financing

American Capital Group provides financing and leasing options for your POS equipment and point of sales system. Our equipment leasing programs are fast and easy. Get your POS equipment within a week!

Advantages of Leasing POS Equipment
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Bundle Multiple Equipment Together - You can purchase a POS hardware, POS printer, POS display system, to increase the efficiency and speed of your establishment under one lease package for a simple low monthly payment.
  • Expand Market Share - By leasing restaurant POS, you can stay ahead of your competitors and secure market share in a new location. Leasing used restaurant equipment stops cash flow reductions of huge up-front equipment costs
  • Cash Flow Conservation - When you finance point of sale system, the thousands of dollars you would have used to purchase your POS computers can be used for higher-quality ingredients or planned budgeting.
  • Planned Budgeting - Financing POS equipment allows you to balance revenues to restaurant equipment expenses. The advantage of this feature is you can now save and plan for other expenses such as expansions in e-marketing, promotions, a new location, or new hires.
  • Easy Equipment Acquisition and Upgrade - Get new equipment or upgrade professional coffee machine faster than ever before. Our fast-track program ensures prompt delivery of your restaurant equipment to your business door. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about upkeep or disposal costs for your new mobile POS system. You simply return your used POS equipment when your term is up or upgrade for the latest in technology.
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How ACG is different from other leasing companies:
Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Expect Better Service - When you trust our 5 star customer service rating, you can expect us to work hard to give you the consistent positive leasing experience you deserve.
  • Full Service Company - Your personal ACG representative will contact your POS equipment vendor, inspect your POS equipment, arrange for payment & delivery, and offer 100% financing including installation and training to eliminate equity or debt funding.
  • Fast - Receive your wireless POS system in a week through our easy and efficient Fast Track Program.
  • Flexible Financing Programs - ACG’s mission, “Build Wealth. Together”, ensures that your personal ACG representative will work hard to meet your business goals. Whether it is opening a new location or reducing your POS equipment costs, a flexible financing program can be found through ACG.
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