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Veterinary Equipment Financing & Leasing

American Capital Group provides financing and leasing options for your veterinary equipment and veterinary devices. Our an financing programs are fast and easy. Get your veterinary machines within a week!

Advantages of Leasing Veterinary Equipment
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Bundle Multiple Equipment Together - Get ultrasonic cleaners, examination tables, setup and installation cost together as one lease package for a simple monthly payment.
  • Cash Conservation - Leasing conserves cash by installing a low monthly payment plan to acquire your equipment in as little as a week. The other benefit is that the cash you save from leasing can be used for labor costs, veterinary supplies, and other veterinary accessories.
  • Expand and Invest in Your Clinic - Leasing is a great financial incentive for the veterinary industry to invest in new technology, expand on specialized services, or invest in developing a great reputation for quality care. With leasing you don’t have to reinvest profits, use charitable donations, gifts, or grants on equipment. On the contrary, it conserves all the cash you would have used to pay for your equipment up front.
  • Lower True Cost of Ownership - Deduct the cost of x-ray machines in a single tax year through Section 179 deduction and help manage shifts in corporate technology spending due to economic downturns, or rapid technology evolution.
  • Flexible Terms - Through leasing, you can divide the purchases of your veterinary equipment into different terms. This allows you to match revenue to lease payments over the lease term in your financials. In addition the conservation of cash and a set payment schedule of low payments allow you to manage and oversee future plans for expansion, equipment acquisition, and changes in the medical field.

How ACG is different from other leasing companies:
Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Expect Better Service - When you trust our 5 star customer service rating, you can expect us to work hard to give you the consistent positive leasing experience you deserve.
  • Veterinary Equipment Leasing Experts - ACG specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses in the veterinary field, acquire the equipment they need to provide quality and efficient care to their patients. Small and medium sized businesses have ACG on their side providing them with the equipment financing and attention they deserve.

    We contact the equipment vendor/seller, inspect your veterinary equipment and arrange for payment & delivery. It’s 100% financing and your equipment will be up and running within a week. We know your time is valuable and your biggest concern is your patients.
  • Thousand of Satisfied Business Owners - Clients from different Industries agree that “it was so much less complicated than going to a commercial bank” and it allowed them to control their cash flow. See what others have to say.
  • Flexible Financing Programs - Allow you to start with low payments and increase payments as your equipment earns you more money, make quarterly payments, start with higher payments and end with lower payments, build master lease lines of credit, make seasonal payments, or get your payment deferred for 90 days until your equipment is up and running.
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