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Automotive Equipment Financing

American Capital Group provides financing and leasing options for your auto shop equipment. Our equipment leasing programs are fast and easy. Get your new/used auto repair equipment within a week!

Advantages of Leasing Auto Repair Equipment
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Save on Equipment Maintenance -  You can upgrade your alignment machine when your lease term is up; avoid disposal fees, maintenance fees, and losses from the sale of this depreciating asset.
  • Easy Upgrade to Improve Operations - New tire equipment designs improve effectiveness and lower operation costs. Through leasing, you can easily upgrade and save yourself from paying high-up front acquisition costs.
  • Bundle Multiple Equipment Together - Purchase new or used lift machines, smog tester, and auto repair equipment for low simple monthly payments..
  • Tax Advantages -  You can maximize your car lifts tax savings under Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation and lower your ownership costs through leasing.
  • Immediate Acquisition of Equipment - You will receive your equipment when you need it under a payment plan that fits your business needs.

How You Benefit From ACG
Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Get Better Service - Trust our 5 star customer service rating and choose our leasing services for a consistent positive experience every single time.
  • Receive Full-Financing Service - Sit back and relax. Your personal ACG representative will contact your auto repair equipment vendor, inspect your equipment, arrange payment & delivery, and take care of installation and training costs with ACG’s 100% financing coverage.
  • Get Fast Delivery - Receive your tire machine in a week through our easy and efficient Fast Track Program.
  • Give Yourself Options - You have the option to choose your own Flexible Financing Programs with ACG that will help you increase your creativity efforts, marketing, distribution programs, and match your seasonal cash inflows.

See If Leasing Is Right For You
Free Equipment Leasing Calculator

Not sure if leasing is right for your company? Give our equipment leasing calculator a try!
  • Easy - Just enter two fields and we will do the rest!
  • Free - Free Net Cost Analysis and ROI calculation
  • Fast - See how much your equipment cost per month instantly!
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How to Get Started
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  1. Locate the equipment you want and the equipment amount
  2. Request a free quote or Call (949) 822-3017
  3. Secure Approval and Sign Documentation

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