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Envelope Stuffing Machine Leasing

American Capital Group provides financing and leasing options for your envelope machines and folding machines. Our equipment leasing programs are fast and easy. Get your new/used mailing machine within a week!

Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Bundle Equipment - Finance envelope stuffer, office cubicles, paper folding machine, delivery and installation costs under one lease package for a simple monthly payment.
  • Affordability & Tax Savings - Easy monthly payments with flexible terms are available. You can choose and match your folder sealer machines lease payments to your company’s cash flow for the entire term and deduct them on your tax return.
  • Immediate Equipment Acquisition - Take advantage of manufacturers’ discounts and promotions on your used mailing equipment right away. Immediate 48 hour financing approval and one week delivery will have you living worry-free about paying high-up front costs for your mailing equipment and it hurting your cash savings.
  • Equipment Upgrades - When leasing mail folding equipment you can easily dispose of your depreciating asset or upgrade to the latest equipment. Disposal is easy and does not acquire upkeep or disposal costs. You can easily upgrade or retire your old equipment after your lease term ends by returning and replacing it.
  • Manage Expansion Easily - As a business owner, you can conserve cash and stay ahead of your competition by expanding your business. Since you avoid large up-front costs you save cash for other investment opportunities with higher ROI. Generate a higher profit margin by upgrading to the latest mailing equipment to increase your workflow and to improve your labor force efficiency.
  • Enhance Workspace - Leasing is an affordable and flexible form of financing that will help you benefit from investing in technological advanced paper folding equipment with new computers and scanners to enhance the workspace and increase the efficiency of your labor force

How ACG is different from other leasing companies:
Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Expect Better Service - When you trust our 5 star customer service rating, you can expect us to work hard to give you the consistent positive leasing experience you deserve.
  • Receive Full-Financing Service - Sit back and relax. Your personal ACG representative will contact your envelope printing equipment vendor, inspect your equipment, arrange payment & delivery, and take care of installation and training costs with ACG’s 100% financing coverage.
  • Fast - Receive your letter stuffing machines in a week through our easy and efficient Fast Track Program.
  • Flexible Financing Programs - Choose from our Flexible Financing Programs to build wealth together

See If Leasing Is Right For You
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Not sure if leasing is right for your company? Give our equipment leasing calculator a try!
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  • Free - Free Net Cost Analysis and ROI calculation
  • Fast - See how much your equipment cost per month instantly!
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