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3D Printer Financing

American Capital Group provides financing and leasing options for your 3D printers. Our equipment leasing programs are fast and easy. Get your new/used prototyping 3D printers within a week!

Advantages of Leasing 3D Printer
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Improve Turnaround Time -  Lower the impact of rapid changes in technology due to the increasing visual and sound capabilities of computers through leasing. When you lease, you eliminate the high upfront expenses for your equipment that can exceed months or years of revenue. You also get to enjoy the benefits of lower production and distribution costs due to your ease of acquisition, disposal, and upgrade through leasing.
  • Lower Your Production Equipment Costs - You can expense your 3d Printer purchases under Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation for tax savings. You maximize these tax savings and conserve cash due to lower 3D printer's payments, by leasing.
  • Increase Marketing and Distribution Efforts - When you lease 3D Printer screens, you conserve cash and save time that you can spend on web marketing and distribution to promote sales growth.
  • Manage Annual Profit Instability - The uncertainty you feel due to uneven income from new productions will lower when you lease. You will not have to pay high upfront costs and you can match your seasonal cash inflows with your 3D printer payments to save and spend on creative efforts, marketing, and distribution.
  • Fast Equipment Acquisition - You will receive a financing decision in 48 hours or less after submitting your application.
  • Bundle Multiple Equipment Together - You can finance 3d printers, CAD software and color 3D printers to increase the quality level of your productions for low simple monthly payments.

How You Benefit From ACG
Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Get Better Service - Trust our 5 star customer service rating and choose our leasing services for a consistent positive experience every single time.
  • Receive Full-Financing Service - Sit back and relax. Your personal ACG representative will contact your equipment vendor, inspect your equipment, arrange payment & delivery, and take care of installation and training costs with ACG’s 100% financing coverage.
  • Get Fast Delivery - Receive your prototyping 3d printer in a week through our easy and efficient Fast Track Program.
  • Give Yourself Options - You have the option to choose your own Flexible Financing Programs with ACG that will help you increase your creativity efforts, marketing, distribution programs, and match your seasonal cash inflows.

See If Leasing Is Right For You
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Not sure if leasing is right for your company? Give our equipment leasing calculator a try!
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  • Free - Free Net Cost Analysis and ROI calculation
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