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Fitness Equipment Financing & Leasing

Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment
See the Benefits of Financing

  • Bundle Your Equipment - You can finance treadmills, free weights, and stair climbers to increase the quality level of workouts and member satisfaction for a simple low monthly payment.
  • Fast Acquisition - With leasing you get an immediate 48 hour financing approval and the delivery of your strength machines in one week.
  • Easy Disposal and Upgrade - When you lease your gym equipment, you can easily dispose of the depreciating asset and upgrade to the latest fitness equipment trending. The disposal of your fitness equipment is easy and you do not have to pay upkeep or disposal costs. You simply return and choose the fitness equipment you want to replace it when your lease term ends.
  • No Maintenance Fees - Through leases’ easy disposal and upgrade options you avoid all maintenance cost in the future years of the fitness equipment cycle, which take major funding investments.
  • Keep Your Cash - Forget about paying high-up front costs for your fitness equipment, on top of worrying about your membership numbers declining. Leasing allows you to conserve cash and working capital for new personal trainers, unplanned opportunities, and increase member retention efforts.
  • Increase Member Retention Efforts - Making low monthly lease payments for your fitness equipment gives you the freedom to budget and invest on new or existing member retention effort programs. This means you can investment more for stronger marketing efforts, opening a juice bar, new exercising class programs for the changing demographics, fitness professionals, and employee training.
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How You Benefit From ACG
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Our mission is to make equipment financing available for small to mid-sized business.
  • Get Better Service - Trust our 5 star customer service rating and choose our leasing services for a consistent positive experience every single time.
  • Receive Full-Financing Service - Sit back and relax. Your personal ACG representative will contact your fitness equipment vendor, inspect your gym equipment, arrange payment & delivery, and take care of installation and training costs with ACG’s 100% financing coverage.
  • Get Fast Delivery - Receive your fitness equipment in a week through our easy and efficient Fast Track Program.
  • Open Yourself to Options - Choose from our Flexible Financing Programs to build wealth together
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See If Leasing Is Right For You
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  • Free - Free Net Cost Analysis and ROI calculation
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